Training courses in the UK

Our courses are designed to help both new and more experienced users to improve their skills in working with Asta Powerproject. Courses are held at our Training Centre in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire; at regional locations throughout the UK; or at your own premises. If required, we can tailor courses to your company requirements or provide web based training.

Introduction to Asta Powerproject

For those who are new to Asta Powerproject or are looking for a refresher.

Asta Powerproject for House Builders

An introductory course specially designed for housebuilders.   

Managing Costs and Resources with Asta Powerproject

For users of Asta Powerproject who need to manage costs and resources. It is particularly suitable for delegates who have attended the Introduction to Asta Powerproject course.    

Introduction to Asta Powerproject BIM

For those with some knowledge of Asta Powerproject who require an introduction to the 4D planning capability provided by Asta Powerproject BIM. It is recommended that delegates should have attended the Introduction to Asta Powerproject course. 

Satisfying NEC3 Programme requirements using Asta Powerproject

This course is designed for anyone who needs to use Asta Powerproject within the NEC3 contract. Please note that the course does not cover how the contract should be implemented but is focused on the way in which the Asta Powerproject satisfies the contract requirements. 

Progress Analysis and S-Curve reporting

For experienced users of Asta Powerproject who wish to use S-curves for progress reporting. It is particularly suitable for delegates who have attended the ntroduction to Asta Powerproject course and also the Managing Costs and Resources with Powerproject course. 

Training Course Dates

For course availability, location and dates please view the Training Calendar or call 01844 263299 or email

Practical Scheduling Delay Analysis Course

This practical two-day course in London is essential for those who are regularly involved in matters of project delay analysis.

Training for users outside of the UK

If you require training outside of the UK, we have approved partners throughout the world able to provide training and support on using Asta Powerproject.

Customised Services

Our experts can help you get more from Asta Powerproject,
ranging from creating templates and reports through to
integrating with other systems.

Introductory module for Asta Easyplan

Find out how this one-day training course can help get you started with Asta Easyplan.